Product Support


CRL has fully developed training courses for its major products. As part of any substantial sale, or where the equipment is an ‘introduction to service’, the company conducts ‘train the trainer’ courses, which includes take-away training material. These sessions are normally conducted at the customers premises by CRL staff with an extensive knowledge of both the user interface and the internal electronic capability, there-by ensuring that the customers investment in CYCOM® products is quickly realised.


Integrated through-life logistics support

As an Australian based manufacturer, CRL maintains a full inventory of parts for its products. Because of its defence/government commitments, the company can guarantee a support life of 10-15 years for all major items. On the expiration of warranty (12-18 months) CRL offers a long term ‘warranty extension’ covering the full cost of all repairs. Under this arrangement a fixed yearly fee, for each unit covered, is broken into monthly installments and paid monthly in arrears. Other support options, including the provision on on-site ‘hot spares’ are available to meet customer requirements.