AS/PRD-2081: DF Radio Remote Control

The CYCOM® AS/PRD-2081 is a single box solution which allows the full remote control of the L3-LINKABIT DIVISION® AN/PRD-13(V1&2) manpack direction finders allowing them to be used as un-attended collection sites. This configuration also reduces the risk to operators, and the need for protection at 'exposed' sites and allows multiple sites to be controlled from a central point.

The AS/PRD-2081 incorporates high-grade encryption, radio modems and control software allowing fully secure control and monitoring of the AN/PRD-13 via combat net radio systems (including HF), SATCOM, field cable, PSTN/ISDN and other audio and data grade communication links.

The modular nature of the equipment allows the use of any in-service radio system, military or civil, provided that a normal handset connection is possible.

This device also has Video Sensor Capability as well.