AS/GZQ-100 - KY100 Simulator

N.S.N 6940-66-157-1226

The AS/GZQ-100 is a fully functional KY-100 cryptographic simulator designed, built and maintained in Australia to provide realistic training capability to a wide range of fixed and rotary wing aircraft simulators that use the US sourced KY-100 Main Terminal Unit (MTU) (AIRTERM) in ‘real world’ applications.

The equipment is housed in a rugged, machined aluminium case fully meeting the form and fit of the KY-100. The front panel, display, switches and lighting are identical to a real KY-100. All sub menu items and their timing are also identical to those exhibited by the KY-100.

As the principal use for the AS/GZQ-100 is intended to be in aircraft simulators there is a requirement that it can be remotely controlled. To this end it can be controlled via a LAN connection from an instructor station. This GUI allows the instructor to set various modes (including fault conditions, key loads, key updates etc) prior to or during training. The GUI also allows the instructor to observe, in real time, all student interaction (switch & menu selections) with the device and maintains a session log of all activity.

In addition to display simulation the AS/GZQ-100 also provides all preamble tones, volume settings and timings generated by a fully keyed and operational KY-100 providing the student with aural as well as visual simulation.

Without modification the AS/GZQ-100 can directly drive the in-service ZAVH remote control allowing the simulation of systems where the MTU is operated by a ZAVH remote head.

The AS/GZQ-100 is available to Federal government, military and authorised defence contractors for approved applications that require the full simulation of the KY-100.
October 31, 2008